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GSM Galvanica

In twenty years of experience Gsm succeed to becoming leader in galvanic treatment.

Experience, company-objectives determination, and the entrepreneurship allowed Gsm to satisfy the customer needing.
Today Gsm is one of the most well-established company in galvanic treatment, with customers working in every fields.
Thanks to its structures, and to its technologically advanced plants Gsm is able to offer a wide range of treatments on brass, zamak, inox steel, iron and aluminium.
Gsm offer a comprehensive service, beginning from the planning to the realization and the treatment of the pieces making special packing or assembling the components.
The technological equipment of the company and qualified personnel, allowed GSM to realize a wide range of treatments on brass, "zamak", inox steel, iron and aluminium.

certificato ISO 9001
certificato ISO 14001


GSM S.r.l.
Via Sangervasio 90
25062 Concesio (BS) - Italy
Tel. +39 030 2185410
Fax. +39 030 2751091

VAT, Tax Code and Reg company:
REA: 479073