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3 Ecological CHROME


GSM, Company always attention to all occasion of the environment, this year has started a
new productive line dedicated to galvanic coating Trichrome Ice.
Treatment of a trivalent chromatment process through clorques which provides primary
identical brighting collar coatings in esaval chrome.
This new process provides an excellent corrosion protection, a handle distribution of the
thickness and a great penetration in respect of the common chrome esavalente.
Trichrome ice is exempted by harmful effects data from chrome esavalente, and
responsible latest directives in Reach Seveso regulatory field.


certificato ISO 9001
certificato ISO 14001


GSM S.r.l.
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25062 Concesio (BS) - Italy
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Fax. +39 030 2751091

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REA: 479073